Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm knee deep in administrivia. While purging obsolete files, reorganizing digital folders and sorting through old work I came across three prints I made about two years ago when I first experimented with the digital colouring of pen-and-ink drawings. They're quirky bird cartoons with text that I then used for my experiments in mounting prints on cradled wood panels. It was technically successful but ultimately doomed to failure: a labour-intensive process that was worth learning but had a low payoff financially and an even lower payoff 'vocationally'. I don't make prints of any kind any more.

While going cross-eyed with boredom, and taking frequent breaks from my drudgery (damn you, Facebook!), I came across another zinger from Hazel Dooney in her analyses of the way art is being marketed in the twenty-first century. It made me realize that I'm being as big a slack-ass as ever about promoting my own work, and have pretty much completely neglected the blog I set up to sell small original art almost a year ago. I checked the stats today: I'm averaging two hits a day! Woo-hoo! That's probably what comes of thinking I can set something up, walk away and it will take care of itself. Nothing in life works that way.

So, in an effort to combine today's discoveries and ruminations, I'm having a draw! (Seems logical, dunnit?) Those three bird prints I mentioned? I have posted them over at my Small Art blog and I am having a draw for them. I even opened up the comments just for that purpose. The point is (a) to at least get a little traffic over there before I give it up as a completely lost cause, and (b) find a home for the prints that belong together but aren't doing much good in my studio storage closet. So, please visit and send others over, too.


Blogger Hayden said...

administrivia! what a wonderful word!

1/10/09 6:59 p.m.  

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