Wednesday, September 14, 2005

how to eat a balanced diet

I had run out of things to post, even resorting to changing the name of my blog, my description and picture, when Rudy flew in on his cafeteria tray to save my arse. So what do you think, is it art you can eat ... or just a clever way to make kids eat what's on their plates?

Today's lesson focuses on protein. First stop, Serbia, where the cultural differences (and not just culinary) between Australians ... and the rest of the world ... are featured. (Aussies also tend to colour outside the lines -- you gotta love it.)

Second stop on our tour is Japan where we can only hope they will dress up this tasty treat to look like these culinary masterpieces.

PS I changed the name of this blog to better reflect what it's morphed into since I started blogging four months ago ... with no idea what I was doing. I still don't know what I'm doing but at least I'm doing it more purposefully.


Blogger kyknoord said...

I'm not sure how appetizing the pseudo-kitty meal would be. I've heard that cats are a bit stringy.

14/9/05 10:53 p.m.  
Blogger andy said...

I'm glad to see you guys that side of the 49th parallel know how to spell colouring properly ;-)

15/9/05 5:15 a.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

Kyknoord: They taste like chicken.
Andy: That's because we speak *English* here.

15/9/05 6:46 a.m.  
Blogger kan said...

I love your new blog name!

About the cat comments as food....shame on all of you. I have a very insulted/offended feline here...she is ready to shred my laptop. Eat chicken!

Great blog!

15/9/05 4:36 p.m.  
Blogger carla said...

Hi Andrea - I thought I posted something last night, but I must have hit preview instead of post. Oh well... it's too late to try to reconstruct what I wrote, but I do want to tell you how much I like the sunflower drawing. I'm really liking these light on black works; they have such a strong graphic feel, and the texture really comes right out! I also mentioned that I use that Socrates quote as an opener for a novel I teach, but I just can't remember which one...I do so many journal prompts with quotes to get students thinking about some of the ideas in the literature, but after a while they all seem to blend in my mind until I pull out my files.

I like your new blog name...I have changed it on my blogroll:>

15/9/05 5:50 p.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

Joli Noir Perle: I gues I'll have to eat chicken. My cat's too skinny to be worth my while.

Carla: Thanks for changing your blogroll! I've been thinking the past few days about how I can transfer the white-on-black to canvas and achieve the same textural elements. I'm off to get more supllies today so maybe I'll get some ideas when I'm at Opus.

16/9/05 9:08 a.m.  
Anonymous ArtNut said...

Awesome site! I love your work. It's very fresh and original. Will you marry me?

24/9/05 10:31 a.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

Sorry I'm already married to a guy named Artnut... Doh!

24/9/05 12:17 p.m.  

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