Tuesday, July 11, 2006


There's a new blog review site in the blobosphere (oh man -- that's a typo I just have to keep) whose reviewers write very journal-worthy profiles of blogs they find interesting. I was fortunate to be tracked down by Kimberly Sherman who rang me up about 10 days ago to interview me. Take a look around and then check me out.

Great Blogs by Crafters Toplist is the recent brainchild of Linda Walsh. Though my work does not strictly fit into the definition of crafts, she has categories for 'pure art' as well. I was also pleasantly surprised that she wrote a profile of my blogs here.

With all this attention you might think my head is as swollen as the watermelons I've been inspecting at my local gocery store these days. Well, what of it? I'm entitled, aren't I? (You may now kick me to the curb and steal my lunch money.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol, your famous! Well I can't think of anyone else as deserving of the fame as you. Your brilliant. Bask in it darling...

11/7/06 9:01 p.m.  
Blogger albina said...

Yes!!! Curb kicking will follow shortly, but first I will gush -- I am doing a little dance for you here: go Andrea,go Andrea!

11/7/06 10:39 p.m.  
Blogger Toni said...

No kicking here just well deserved praise.
your marketing skills are inspiration to me and as soon as these weddings are done I'm off and running full steam ahead.

12/7/06 5:36 a.m.  

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