Saturday, July 30, 2005

brain sex

Yesterday's link was about all the shades of grey of an individual's physical gender. Now here's one about mental gender. It's an on-line test and it takes some time to complete so settle in with a large cuppa for the trip.

My own results were not completely surprising. I scored about 25% female. There were two areas in which I excelled. My verbal fluency was out of the ballpark at 24 (extremely female). I also scored a high 11 out of 12 for 3D shapes (extremely male). That's not surprising to me as I am most like my dad's paternal line, who were architects. I considered two paths when I finished my bachelor's degree: teaching or architecture. I chose teaching for the simple reason that it would take less time and therefore require fewer student loans. Once I discovered how influential my great-grandfather actually was in the development of Canada's railway link west I regretted my decision. Of course that was also after I'd learned what a lethal combination adolescent hormones and classroom structure were. But back to Ralphy. His railway station designs were as instantly recognisable (and ubiquitous) on the prairies almost 100 years ago as the golden arches are today.


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