Sunday, July 24, 2005

ten thousand villages

Yesterday was my Uncle Norman's 70th birthday. The man is my role model. I take an advanced Pilates mat class from him and he can still demonstrate all the moves ... and to perfection. We got him a ceremonial rain stick from Indonesia, purchased at a small Ten Thousand Villages outlet in Powell River. After all, living in Deep Cove, the rainiest part of a rainy city, he sure could use it. :-)

I have been a big fan/supporter of the Ten Thousand Villages project ever since I discovered it about 10 years ago. It seemed like such a wise and humanistic way to bring aid to the third world, and being a Mennonite organisation, a better solution than the traditional missionary answer of bringing Christ to the "heathens". On a more pragmatic note, the crafts, furniture and clothing sold at TTV are also something I want to buy, often these exquisite pieces of art from the four corners of the earth at can't-deny prices. And after a brief look at their website I'm pleased to see that they have expanded almost exponentially in the past decade.


Blogger andy said...

...but no stores in the UK yet :-(

The missionary concept has changed over the years, hasn't it? For the better, I think. Today we said goodbye at our church to Sunny, a South Korean girl who has been working with our local youth groups for the past year. That kind of two-way partnership feels so much better than the ways of fifty years ago.

24/7/05 9:49 a.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

You're right. I'm operating on a pretty dated assumption even if there are still some pretty backward funadamentalist groups in North America.

24/7/05 3:45 p.m.  

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