Tuesday, April 24, 2007

small drawings

Here are a few things recently added to Etsy.


Blogger Bibi said...

Very serendipitous ... thank you! Just found the perfect gift for someone. ;-)

24/4/07 10:13 a.m.  
Blogger Caroline said...

Is there a secret code written about that elephant?

24/4/07 10:56 a.m.  
Blogger thepinkangel said...

I love the last one of the elephant!!! beautiful!!

24/4/07 12:14 p.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

Vicki: Would "Home Sweet Home" have been better text? (And thanks!)

Caroline: Yes! What is it?

Thepinkangel: Thanks, Rachel. It scanned badly. This one is way better in Real Life.

24/4/07 4:11 p.m.  
Blogger CS said...

I like them all, but today I'm especially liking the simplicity of the first one. (And the word verification to go with that comment is unplgg. Unplug!)

24/4/07 8:27 p.m.  
Blogger Caroline said...

I haven't figured it out...

25/4/07 1:36 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great new works Andrea ! I love all the detail that goes into these small pieces on paper.Very nice.

25/4/07 4:58 a.m.  
Blogger Cynthia said...

I love your drawings! I noticed my fave was sold yesterday, Congrats!

25/4/07 6:18 a.m.  
Blogger Heather said...

Very nice! I love the elephant - he looks so cheery.

25/4/07 6:39 a.m.  
Blogger Homo Escapeons said...

Tarzan love elephant...
and I love the Birdhouse, tres Woodstock;
(Snoopy's pal and the concert poster)
#2 reminded me of a song by the Rutles.
"I have always thought in the back of my mind,
"Cheese and Onions".
I have always thought that the world was unkind,
"Cheese and Onions".
Do I have to spell it out ?
"C-H-E-E-S-E A-N-D O-N-I-O-N-S", oh no."

I am diggin' your style.

25/4/07 7:41 a.m.  
Blogger Ian Lidster said...

I love these. Your work is wonderful and I want representations of it in my home. OK?


25/4/07 8:22 a.m.  
Blogger andrea said...

CS: I think that's my favourite, too, though Im usually more drawn to the quirly ones.

Sheri, Cynthia, Heather: Thanks!

HE: Now I'm going to have to figure out how to draw cheese so I can illustrate it properly.

Ian: Thanks and spread the word! (Shameless advertising turns shameless word-of-mouth.)

25/4/07 4:11 p.m.  
Blogger susan said...

very lovely ms. andrea.... the elephant is a great departure!

26/4/07 5:20 a.m.  
Blogger Ellen said...

Beautiful work as always!!

26/4/07 11:01 a.m.  
Anonymous tongue in cheek said...

I agree with Susan, but i like number 2 the best.

28/4/07 3:18 a.m.  
Blogger Catnapping said...

I love these leaves. They look almost gold. I love birdhouse.

30/4/07 5:15 p.m.  

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