Thursday, June 09, 2005


I've been trying to determine whether or not this fish is a kind of sunfish. I'm pretty sure it is, but there are many varieties of sunfish, so I'll just call it by its variety, "bluegill". It's 30" x 24" and I finished it yesterday.

I had a call yesterday from the owner of Autumn Brook Gallery. He wants to show the work/series that I'm itching to get going on but for which I have so far ony produced two paintings:

That's because of my commitment to get these fish paintings completed by July. He thinks this work will fill a niche that's missing among the artists who have signed on so far. Since I really want to get going on this series I'm pleased that there will at least be a place where I'll be able to show it. At this rate, I'll be producing quite different kinds of work for each gallery and I'm not sure if that's a wise marketing decision. Marketing? What's that?


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